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What exactly IS the Giving Tag?

All Fresh Thyme Giving Bags feature a Giving Tag that can be utilized after purchase. The shopper can use this tag to direct a $1 donation to a non-profit of their choice that meets the criteria of the program by following the simple directions on the tag. If the $1 donation is not directed, it will automatically be sent to the benefiting non-profit chosen by store leadership for the month where the bag was purchased.

How do I choose which non-profit to direct the donation to?

It’s easy! Once you follow the instructions on the Giving Tag, you will be given a list of approved non-profits in your area to select your non-profit.

What if the non-profit I want to send the donation to is not listed?

If you do not see your non-profit listed, you can simply submit it for approval. Once you have submitted the information for the non-profit and it is approved, they will be notified that a donation was directed to them. You will only hear back from us if your non-profit is not approved.

What happens to the donation if I do not choose a non-profit?

If, for any reason, you do not choose a non-profit to receive the donation generated by the sale of the Giving Bag, it will still be sent to an area non-profit chosen each month by the store leadership at the Fresh Thyme location where the bag was purchased.

When are the Donations Distributed to the Benefiting Non-Profits?
Four to six weeks after the last day of the month in which a Giving Bag was purchased to benefit a store selected non-profit or a submitted non-profit, donation checks will be sent directly to the benefiting non-profit.  We do not include the name or contact information of anyone submitting a non-profit to benefit to preserve privacy.

Are there other benefits to the Giving Bag?

When you purchase the Giving Bag, you show others that you not only care about the community but also about the environment because you are choosing a more eco-friendly way to bring your groceries home.

How much does the bag cost?

Each Fresh Thyme Giving Bag costs $2.99, with $1 of that purchase price being directed to either a non-profit of the shoppers choice OR the benefiting non-profit of that month chosen by store leadership at each Fresh Thyme market.

Where can I purchase these bags?

The Fresh Thyme Giving Bags are available at all 67 Fresh Thyme Farmers Market locations.
To find the Fresh Thyme store nearest you, click here.

Where can I find the Fresh Thyme Giving Bags?

The Giving Bags are located on displays around the store and at the check-out. You’ll know you have the right bag when you see the attached Giving Tag.

Can the Giving Bags be purchased in bulk quantities?

Purchasing the Giving Bag for friends, family, colleagues, and/or members of any groups with whom you are involved is a terrific idea! The Giving Bag makes a great gift and shows support for the community at the same time. For information on bulk orders, please contact:

What is the overall goal of this program?

Nourishing communities locally, supporting local non-profits and protecting our planet globally … these are the simple but profound goals of our Fresh Thyme Giving Bag Program. FRESH. HEALTHY. NATURAL. IT’S THYME!

How can I promote the Fresh Thyme Giving Bag Program to help generate more donations to the local non-profits I care about?

You can help spread the word about the program by encouraging people you know to purchase the Fresh Thyme Giving Bag! Utilize social media, email, telephone calls or casual conversation. People will feel good knowing they are supporting their community and helping the environment.

When are the donations distributed to the benefiting non-profits?

The default monthly beneficiaries will be sent their checks directly 4-6 weeks after their month ends. Giving Tag beneficiaries who earn more than $10 in a month will also be sent their checks within 4-6 weeks. Giving Tag beneficiaries who earn less than $10 in a month will be sent their donation checks quarterly.

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