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If you would like to submit a non-profit for consideration in the Fresh Thyme Giving Bag Program, please review the guidelines and instructions below.

If approved, your organization will be placed on a list for local store leadership to consider in future months.

Please note: Approval does not guarantee selection at the store level. If chosen, your organization will be notified directly 45 days in advance. Your organization can raise funds at any time throughout the year through the Giving Tag Program - click here to learn more.

To qualify for consideration in the Fresh Thyme Giving Bag program, benefiting non-profit organizations must have:

The purpose of this program is to support organizations that are important to individuals and families in communities local to stores where the bags are sold. To be considered for the Fresh Thyme Giving Bag Program Featuring the Giving Tag, organizations must meet all guidelines listed below. Store leadership has full discretion to determine which organizations will receive the funds.


Requirements for the Fresh Thyme Giving Bag Program Featuring the Giving Tag

  • 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(19) status.
  • A direct local connection to a specific Fresh Thyme Farmers Market store.
  • The commitment to put funds to use within the local Fresh Thyme store’s community.
  • Clearly focused in their stated mission to impact Hunger Relief, Education (all aspects), Health & Wellness and Military/Veterans organizations.

Requests that will not qualify:

  • Events/Fundraisers/Services that benefit a for-profit business
  • Events/Fundraisers limited to specific individuals or families
  • Political organizations or lobbying groups
  • Religious organizations (except where a school or food pantry is involved)
  • Requests to support expenses related to fundraisers/events
  • Private clubs
  • Any organization that discriminates on the basis of gender, race, ethnicity, religion and/or sexual orientation
  • Any organization that does not put 100% of the donations to supporting the local community

If you have any questions, please contact
Danielle Nonamaker – Program Manager at 603.380.9340
or send an email to